It just disturbs me so much. Many think we care so much about the black guy, but nobody wants a white wh@re in the White House any more than a nigg@r.

Why Is a Nigg@r and a Wh@re Going For the White House?


How did we f’around and give Bush a second term in office?

Why has Bush Made It This Far In Office?

I don’t think I need to give any type of explanation with this question. I just need a justifiable answer and I’m pretty sure nobody can give one.

Why Is Sean Bell Dead and Those Policemen Free To Live Their Life As Normal?

It seems like authorities and especially celebrities live above the law. Examples you ask???

Rapper/entertainer TI is guilty of buying up military style guns out the a$$ and only gets one year and a few thousand in court cost and community hours and he was already a convicted felon. Any everyday person would be facing the majority of their life behind bars.

I’m not racist, but these are just the stories that come to mind. R Kelly has been fighting his case for the last 5-8 years and so much evidence is being brought up, but he still is singing and selling millions while teenage girls have their legs tightly clinched in the front row of his concerts!

Sh^ts outrageous.

Why Do Authority Figures and Celebrities Live Above The Law?

It just seems like we face more problems and the odds are against us when it comes to getting a job and I’m not talking about working at Mickey D’s, but a respectable job in maybe an office or at least at a retail store.

Why Is It So Hard For A Young Black Man To Get a Job?

I know everyone wants a good answer to this question. Maybe Bush will chime in.

Why Are Troops Still In Iraq?

Answers to the increasing gas price phenomenon!

Why are gas prices so damn high?